What makes this integration HIGHLY important?

  • Sync your MailChimp contacts to Alpine IQ and take advantage of our data analytics and marketing features
  • Mailchimp has one API key for each account. You can not pick specific lists to pull from
    • If you're organization is vertically integrated and you have separate lists for retail, manufactoring, and so one, you will not be able to pull from just one of these list

How to setup your Mailchimp integration as a data source:

1.Email your MailChimp representative letting them know that “I approve Alpine IQ to access my data and would like keys to be released to them to power the integration”

2. Once you receive the key, log in to your Alpine IQ dashboard and head to Connect Data

3. Scroll down to the Mail integration card and click Connect 

Document image

4. Check the first box you see to require all users from LeafLogix have passed an age gate

Document image

Consult your Account Specialist before filling out the fields below:

Document image

5. Add your Mailchimp API key to the Key field and press Connect

Document image

Your Mailchimp integration is now functional

See additional integration features below

Additional Features

Mailchimp as a data destination:

By adding Mailchimp as a data destination, you'll be able to use any contact in Alpine IQ and "push" them to a Mailchimp list of your choice.

In order to do this, you'll need an open list available in Mailchimp and/or have room to push contacts into your MailChimp account. List and contact limits are dependent on your subscription package level.

Setting up Mailchimp as a data destination:

1.Create an Audience in Alpine IQ that you want to push to an open list in MailChimp and copy/write down the Audience ID

Document image

2. Create a List in Mailchimp with a matching name and copy/write down the Mailchimp List ID

3. Log in to your Alpine IQ dashboard and head to Connect Data

4. Click on Data Destinations

Document image

5. Scroll down to the MailChimp integration card and click Connect

Document image

6. Add your Mailchimp API key in the Key field

Document image

7. Add the Audience ID and Mailchimp List ID in the correlating fields below and click Add Mapping

Document image

8. Click Connect

Document image

You are now able to push your audience to Mailchimp as a list