Charge policy


Please reference your Services Order Form for exact pricing for your org. Charges are often times discounted based on scale or special circumstances.

Charges overview

Our platform agreement is designed to provide our retail users with maximum flexibility and extremely affordable service offerings. This also allows Alpine IQ the ability to maintain consistent relationships in order to provide the most bleeding-edge and stable enterprise solution. You will be billed for the first month of service immediately prior to the sign date of this agreement and again each month thereafter until your agreement Term length is over. Messaging usage will be reflected on your second invoice for the fees incurred from the previous month. We reserve the right to require a deposit for high volume accounts. By signing this agreement, you are authorizing us to charge your payment method for your monthly usage plus any additional fees you incur from messaging campaigns or optional service extensions.


License pricing is based on your business and is custom designed to fit your needs. However, standard default pricing rates are as follows:

License types

Default prices (USD)

*Per store license


☨Per transaction license

Less than 10,000 transactions: $0.10 10,000 - 19,999 transactions: $0.08 20,000 - 39,999 transactions: $0.06

40,000 - 99,999 transactions: $0.05

100,000 - 199,999 transactions: $0.03

200,000 - 399,999 transactions: $0.025

400,000+ transactions: $0.02

*Half baked


* Charged per store that is ingesting data into the Alpine IQ Hosted Services per month ☨ Per order “Per transaction” agreements will be billed for each transaction we analyze/ ingest on your behalf monthly. You will earn discounts triggered by reaching tiers. If you are not being charged per store, your first month license fee will be charged upfront based on your forecasted order count given in your Services Order Form.


Messaging pricing is based on the destination and type of message you’re sending, messaging channel, as well as the carrier to which any SMS/ MMS messages are being sent through. Our pay-as-you-go pricing gives you a fair price no matter what you build or how you scale and we add these charges to your bill based on your last months usage.

Standard messaging rates

Price (USD)

Per SMS segment Sent


Per SMS segment received (I.E: A customer texting you)


Per MMS segment sent


Per MMS segment received (I.E: A customer texting you)


Per phone number (I.E: 1 per 200 contacts used for filtration avoidance and higher msg delivery speeds)


Per email sent


Per push notification sent


Per browser push notification sent


Per website domain


Variable carrier fees

Charged on top of sent SMS/ MMS segments. Carrier fees are passed through with no additional margin or fee by Alpine IQ. Carrier fees are completely controlled by each carrier you deliver messages through and are subject to change at anytime on a message by message basis. If Provider uses the Services to send or receive an SMS/ MMS message over 153 characters, the message will be split into multiple parts. Large messages are segmented into 153 character segments and sent individually then, rebuilt by the recipients device. For example, a 161 character message will be sent as two messages, one with 153 characters and the second with 8 characters. All SMS or MMS messages sent on behalf of the Customer will be charged per message segment plus any applicable carrier delivery fees per segment.

† Text messages are charged per segment. ‡ Price may vary based on the carrier to which the SMS is being sent.

Premium support services

Alpine IQ has several additional support packages that your org can leverage which are charged monthly.

Support package

Price (USD)

Premium Support


Enterprise Support