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Alpine IQ gives you the ability to house all your messaging tools under one roof. SMS, Email, Native App Push, and Browser Push notifications are all available with Alpine IQ's suite of messaging tools

For information on specific Alpine IQ marketing tools:


2. Native App

3. Email Campaigns

4. Browser Push Notifications

Alpine IQ Campaign Builder

In the left-hand navigation bar under Marketing, click Campaigns then click Create new campaign. Any time you want a send a message to your customers, this is where you'll start. Let's walk through the builder starting from the top:

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  • Campaign name: Label the campaign as something that's easily recognizable. If you don't it'll default to "Draft (Mar 2nd 22)"
  • Status: If it's set to "Off", the campaign is inactive. To save a draft of a campaign, simply flip the status to "Off" and publish the campaign. Once you flip this to "Live", the campaign is active and will send at the selected publish time
  • Archived: Toggle this to "Yes" to archive a campaign. This will also render it inactive or "Off"

Alpine IQ's Campaign Channels

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This is where you actually build out your campaigns. Text message and Browser push notifications are ready for use when you first log in to the platform but there is some additional setup needed to send Email and/or Native Push messages which we'll go over soon. Use these messaging tools individually or in tandem as part of our Waterfall feature

Selecting an audience for your campaign

Whether you want to send a message to your entire customer base or to a hyper-specific audience you created, this is where you pick that audience

Click Please select one or more audiences and a dropdown will appear with all your audiences. You can select more than one audience and if a customer appears in more than one audience, they'll only receive the message once

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To send a campaign to your entire customer base, select All subscribed users

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Customers attempting to send to +5000 contacts should consider breaking down an audience into smaller, more targeted, subsets to avoid carrier blocking. For more information on this, check out the How to break up a big audience? question in our FAQ section below

Click Filter more to find options to filter by individual stores and/or exclude audiences from specific campaigns.

Alpine IQ's Waterfall Technology

To solve cannabis censorship, we created a new technology walled Waterfall

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This feature gives you the ability to set up backup messaging channels that trigger when a message is blocked, filtered, or errors to ensure the best chance of getting the message to your customer. To read more about how it all works, see the How does Waterfall work? article in the FAQ section below

Campaign Builder Advanced settings

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  • Enable intelligent timing: turning this on will send the message to your customer within 1 hour of their average purchase time. Find additional details on this tool on the Alpine IQ YouTube page
  • Sent to [ # ] contacts max per day: This limits the number of contacts this campaign can send to in a day. This is most commonly used when setting up raffle/lottery campaigns. Learn more about HERE
  • Set a custom attribution window: Customers "convert" when taking action on a campaign and making a purchase. The default conversion window is 14 days but if you'd like a smaller conversion window, update that number here.
  • Gift [ # ] points to every contact this campaign sends to: Any customer in the target audience of this campaign will receive the number of points you input here.
  • Trigger when a cart is abandoned: Flip this toggle to trigger a message only when an online shopping cart is abandoned. Feature availability is dependent on your e-commerce provider. Find more information about abandoned cart campaigns HERE
  • Trigger upon every purchase event: Flip this toggle to trigger a message every time a customer makes a purchase. If left on indefinitely, this could lead to higher unsubscription rates as frequent buyers will receive this message every time they make a purchase. Find additional information on post-order messages HERE

Alpine IQ Main Campaigns Page

All your campaigns, active and inactive, can be found by heading to the Marketing dropdown in the left-hand navigation bar of your AIQ dashboard and clicking on Campaigns

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Alpine IQ Campaigns Column Breakdown

  • Status: the campaign is inactive or has been paused. Click the red "pause" button to activate a campaign
  • Campaign name: choose a name that speaks to the nature of the campaign and is easily searchable in the future
  • Scheduled for: tells you when the campaign was scheduled to send and if was a Blast or Ongoing campaign
  • Last msg sent: exactly what it means, this is indicates the time that the last message was sent or the campaign has finished sending to all the contacts in the audience you selected
  • ID: the unique identifier for this campaign. Search by this ID or create audiences of people that have received this message using this ID
  • Created: when the campaign was first published, regardless of activation status
  • Updated: any changes that were made after the campaign was created

How to edit, copy, or delete an Alpine IQ campaign

Under Action in the top-right corner of the Campaigns page, you have options to Edit, Copy, or Delete a campaign

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  • Open / Edit: make changes to an existing campaign. Editing active campaigns can affect the functionality
  • Clone / Copy: Create a new, identical version of an existing campaign. This is a great way to A/B test a campaigns by altering one aspect and monitoring success rates
  • Delete / Archive: Removes and turns off an existing campaign. Find your archived campaigns by flipping the Archived toggle to Show at the top of the Campaigns page

Filter campaigns by status and/or delivery method

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Create campaign groups

Organize your campaigns by location, product preference, incentivized, etc.

Click Create Group at the top of the page, name the Campaign Group, and select the campaigns you want to be added to that group

Hover over any Campaign Group for high-level metrics of how that group is performing

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Alpine IQ Campaign Reports

Once you begin sending out campaigns, we will begin tracking their performance. You can see these metrics by navigating to the Campaign Reports section under the Marketing section on your left navigation bar.

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This screen can be filtered via the channels that were used by using the toggles. If you need to filter a spefic campaign the best way is to use the search bar by typing in the Campaign Name or even the unique Campaign ID (this can be found in the URL while looking at the Edit Campaign screen!)

Once you have your filter set, click on the top right blue Download stats as CSV in order to generate a file of the stats

See how individual campaigns stack up against the rest of your campaigns using the Delivery rates vs average visualization

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Campaign Report Metrics Explained



Sent messages

Total number of sent messages across all channels. Hover over the total number of sent messages for a breakdown of messages: SMS, MMS, Email, Optin texts, Post sale texts, Post sale emails, Abandoned texts


Number of message opens by contact

Link clicks

Number of times links inside messages were clicked (inside the Walled Garden for texts)


How many desired actions were taken by contacts

Revenue generated

Calculates the monetary result of your campaign


Indicates marketing investment to reach contacts

Revenue per send

The average revenue generated per message

Open rate

The percentage of opens based on how many contacts from your campaign opened your business' message. This is similar to your business' email open rate


Stands for click-through-rate and gives a percentage of clicks based on how many contacts from your campaign clicked on links inside the message


Conversion rate and gives the percentage of contacts persuaded by your messaging to take a particular action

Cost per conversion

Gives you the power to identify how much marketing spend was needed to generate revenue from your contacts

Total ROI

An estimate of how campaigns have performed and if your company made or lost money


How do I set up Waterfall?

Our priority channel system actively monitors events from your audiences such as email and app opens, SMS carrier blocking, and opt-in status changes to maintain an accurate picture of where your audience is reachable for messaging. Waterfall will automatically redirect the message to the next available channel in the priority list in real-time.

To set Campaign channel priority:

1.Open the Campaign Builder

2. Draft messages using at least two of the messaging tools

3. Set the priority using the arrows on the right

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4. Continue building the campaign as you normally would

If a customer is only opted in to the 2nd priority message channel, AIQ will automatically skip the first channel and send the message via the next channel. In the example above, if a customer is subcribed to Email messages but opted out of Text messages, Waterfall will skip Text message and send an email

How does Waterfall campaign reporting work?

Head to the Marketing section in your AIQ dashboard and click Campaign reports. At the top of the page you'll see a cumulative breakdown of all your campaigns but you can also see breakdown by individal campaign

Open individual campaign reports but clicking on the + symbol to the left of any campaign

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On the left is a breakdown of each channels deliverability and on the right shows the campaign stats overall through the funnel

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What is post-order message?

Enabling post-order messages gives you the ability to trigger a message every time a customer makes a purchase

How to set up post-order messages:

  • Head to Marketing > Campaigns > Create new campaign
  • Add your copy, select an audience, and set the campaign to Ongoing
  • Open the Advanced settings and flip Trigger upon every purchase event to ON

Enabling post-order messages means a message will be triggered every time a customer makes a purchase. We suggest targeting a specific audience to avoid unsubscriptions. Example available in the video above

How do I set up a lottery or raffle?

See below to create a campaign that will randomly select one of your customers to receive points or a specific discount

How to set up a lotter/raffle campaign:

  • Head to Marketing > Campaigns > Create new campaign
  • Add the copy to the marketing tool of your choice and if applicable, add the discount itself to the campaign
    • You can also gift points to the campaign under Advanced settings which we cover in the video above
  • Set the campaign to Ongoing
  • Open Advanced settings and Sent to 1 contacts max per day (enter a different number to select more than one contact per day)

Updated 24 May 2022
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