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Alpine IQ's Analytics section gives your team the power to analyze custom audiences, segment sales to uncover key performance insights, develop data-driven customer personas, and more/

Audiences are at the core of data analytics. Without an audience to analyze there will be no data to observe. The audience builder is an imperative part of data segmentation and can used to get detailed insight into your business operations

Getting Started with Alpine IQ Analytics

Alpine IQ Data Analytics Terms

  • Predicted rank: machine learning predictionson future performance of product, category, or brand
  • Predicted order value: machine learning predictions on average order value from individuals within the audience being analyzed
  • Predicted liftetime value: machine laerning predictions on the lifetime value of individuals within the audience being analzyed
  • Geo insights: heatmap showing the location of customer transactions. This feature can be enabled via Connect Data > Extensions and clicking Enable next to the Geocoding option. Pricing available on Geocoding card
  • Budtender insights: tab showing how your budtenders are performing at the retail level

Consider this before using Alpine IQ's Data Analytics tool

  • Data analytics becomes more refined as more data is digested so much like flower, let it bloom to see all the beauty inside
  • Data analytics can be a powerful tool when deciding how to segment audiences and who to send campaigns to
  • Data analytics can be used in inventory planning using our predictive analytics tool to see what product you need to scale up or down on

Alpine IQ Data Analytics User Guide

Follow the steps below to analyze your very first audience

How to run an Alpine IQ Data Analytics Report

1.In the left-hand navigation bar, click Data Analytics then click Analytics

2. Select an audience by clicking on the Audience(s) analyzing field. For a high level analysis of all your customers, select All tracked users but this can be used to analyze any audience in the system. Optional: select a specific date range and compare against another date range which will product a side-by-side comparison

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3. Click Run Analysis to generate the report. If you edit the audience or date range, be sure to click Run Analysis again to produce a new report

How to use Alpine IQ's Data Analytics Tabs

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Available insights

Order Insights

Data pulled directly from transactions in your point of sale

  • Total revenue, avg checkout
  • Product, category, & brand insights
  • Daily, weekly, monthly

Predictive Analytics

Machine learning-driven data that can be used in marketing and sales planning

  • Predicted top product, category, brand
  • Likely to return customers

Member Club

performance metrics of your loyalty program

  • Total club members
  • Opt-in metrics by marketing tool
  • Member vs non member metrics
  • Points adjustment details

Actions and conversions

Performance metrics on any/all messaging tools and revenue generated therein

  • Total revenue / conversions

Geo Insights

Heatmap showing where your customers are coming from Enablement of this feature is required to see data and can be turned on by heading to Connect data > Extensions > Enable

  • Geographic location of customers

Budtender insights

Individual budtender sales metrics pulled directly from your point of sale The Avg Rating column must be enabled to see data and can be turned on by heading to Quick setup > Budtender post order review > More details > Install

  • Avg sale, avg quantity sold
  • total orders, total sales, total items

Demographic insights

Data pulled from ID scans or provided by integrations/signup forms/etc as well as general census data

  • Top ages, cities, counties
  • Zip codes

Actions & Conversions

conversions occur when a customer takes an "action" on a campaign and makes a purchase within 14 days of taking that action. Examples of "actions" can be:

  • text_received
  • text_click
  • Google_review
  • Open

Find a list of all your top actions by scrolling down to the Top actions before converting table on the Actions & conversions tab


You can decrease the size of the conversion window at the individual campaign level. When creating a new campaign, scroll down to Advanced settings and adjust the conversion window via Set a custom attribution window for conversions

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Revenue from that conversion is calculated from the first purchase the customer makes after taking that action. Find a snapshot of your all-time revenue from conversions at the top of the Actions & conversions tab

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You can also find revenue metrics on your Campaign reports page. Find a global snapshot of the revenue generated from campaigns at the top of the page or look at individual campaign metrics by clicking the "+" symbol to the left of the campaign

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Customer Lifecycle

Use the Customer Lifecycle tab to gauge how sticky your customers are and reengage customers that aren't purchasing as frequently as they once were

Toggle the Timeframe to see metrics over different periods of time

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Customer Lifecycle metric


Use case

Leaky Bucket

the ratio of new customers vs customers that are likely gone

If the ratio of Likely Gone customers is higher than New active customers, focus on win-back and retargeting efforts to get those customers back to an active purchasing habit

Customers won back

the number of customers that became active again from being likely gone

Lifecycle distribution

Alpine IQ segments customers into different stages of our Lifecycle Distribution chart depending on how much time has eclipsed from their first two tracked purchases

  • Chilling - the customer is 1x out of their original two purchase timeline

    Absent - the customer is 1.5x out of their original two purchase timeline

    Highly absent - the customer is 1.75x out of their original two purchase timeline

    Gone - the customer is 2x out of their original two purchase timeline

If your Active customer base decreases over time, consider win-back campaigns targeting audiences built around Chilling, Absent, & Highly Absent customers.

Create this audience using the below traits: Contact trait / Lifecycle stage / contains / [lifecycle stage]


Updated 24 May 2022
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