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Getting Started with Alpine IQ Personas

Your customers can enter the Alpine IQ ecosystem a few different ways but regardless of where they came from, the Personas page is where they live. Contacts synced from the point-of-sale, uploaded via a raw file, or signed up via your Loyalty Sign-up From will all end up on this page

Notes on Alpine IQ Personas

  • Only contacts with PII (Personal Identifiable Information) will end up on your Personas page. Anonymous transactions won't land here so if you want a house for your customers in Alpine IQ, be sure to attach a phone number or email to every profile in your point-of-sale
  • Alpine IQ automatically merges or dedupes personas based on the phone number or email so as long as one of those is attached to the persona, you don't have to worry about duplicate profiles

Alpine IQ's Personas page

Head to the left-hand navigation bar and under Customers, click on Personas

At the top of the page, you'll see your total collected personas, the ability to download a CSV of your personas, and a search function on the left

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The best way to search for a customer is by phone number or email. If searching by name alone, be sure to use "quotation marks".

Below is where all your customers live:

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You'll see the customer's main contact information along with:

  • Sourced from: this is how the contact got into Alpine IQ.
    • Loyalty: they came in via a Sign-up form
    • Raw file: they came in via a manual CSV upload
    • [Software integrated with AIQ]: whichever system you have integrated will be listed in this column if the contact came in through that platform
  • ID: the customer's unique Alpine IQ ID. You'll need this if you ever need to manually merge contacts which we'll cover a little further down

User Guide

If you want to see more granular details about your customer, merge accounts, adjust points, and more, click View in the far right column under Action and let's dive in

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Alpine IQ Persona details

Each of the 5 tabs gives you a different insight into that individual persona

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  • Traits: High-level contact, opt-in, source, and data information
  • Points/ Orders: A timeline of this persona's transactions, the details of those transactions, and if/how those transactions affected this persona's points totals. This is also where you'll manually adjust a customer's points if there's a need
  • Actions: If a customer opens, clicks on, or receives a text, you'll see all those actions here
  • Site events: If you added the Alpine IQ JS tracking pixel to any of your branded websites, you can see if this persona engaged with your sites here
  • Messages: See what messages a customer was sent
  • Merges: Whether automated or manual, any merge instances will be listed here


How do I remove a customer or opt them out of messaging?

  • In your Alpine IQ dashboard, scroll down to User data / privacy
  • Copy the link provided and paste it into a new tab
  • Click Change data preferences
  • Enter the customer's phone number and/or email and select delete data or opt out depending on the need

Customers can also go through the above process themselves if you provide them with the URL to change their data preferences

How do I merge two accounts?

Remember that Alpine IQ automatically merges accounts if it sees matching phone number, email, or other unique pieces of PII (personal identifiable information). If two loyalty members want to share a phone number and merge their profiles, see below:

Where can I see instances of Alpine IQ merging personas?

  • Open your Alpine IQ dashbaord
  • In the left-hand navigation bar under Customers click Personas
  • Find the persona you're looking for, scroll to the right and under Action click View
  • If the personas has instances of Alpine IQ auto-merges, a Merge tab will be on the far right; click on it
  • All instances of auto-merges will appear in a timeline of events

Why do points not match dollars spent in the persona's slideout?

  • The customer was given a gift, boost, or multiplier which adjusted their points
  • The points accrual rate was changed after-the-fact which retroactively causes a mass-points adjustment. We strongly advise against this to avoid data and customer confusion

How do I search for a specific customer?

Search by phone number or email but if you don't have either of these, search by first & last name between quotation marks

As you can see, searching by phone number or email pulls up the exact customer but if you search by name, be sure to put it in quotation marks or the search will yield every version of the name in Alpine IQ

How do I download a list of my customers

You can download single pages of your personas using the Download CSV option at the top of the page but if you want to download a full list of all your customers, head to your Audiences page and follow along below:

Sample Store - ALL is the default audience for your entire customer. All customers with PII (personal identifiable information) that enter Alpine IQ will automatically fall into this audience