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Getting started with the Alpine IQ Wallet

Head to your Alpine IQ dashboard, and in the left-hand navigation under Configure Alpine IQ, click on Brand Settings. Before we set anything up, let's review the anatomy of the wallet:

  • Wallet - customer-facing web app that houses points, discounts, and store information
  • Connect - tab that contains your social media and review sites
  • Refer a friend - a unique URL per customer that we track when used by other alpine loyalty members
  • Order history - displays past transactions associated with the customer
  • Your points balance- the numerical metric that represents either dollars spent or visits used for discount redemptions
  • Favorite store - the location that customer frequents, will be generated by signup form originally can be changed after
  • Your deals - discounts/offers that customers can use for purchases or events, can be Tiered or Custom

Consider these before using the wallet:

  • What information do I need or want to show in the wallet?
  • How am I going to get my customers to use their wallet?
  • Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for more ideas

Make sure your store information is accurate, this is set under Settings > Manage store(s) > Pencil Icon (Edit this location)

User Guide

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Settings can be applied for all stores in the account or individually, please keep in mind when adjusting settings and check the drop-down at the top of the screen.

Wallet Settings

In the Header (Logos,cover area,brand)section:

  1. Input your brand's name.
  2. Add your brand's logo.
  3. Add Cover Art.
  4. Toggle the Square Logo button on for a square logo.
  5. Toggle the Hide name button to hide the default brand name and only display your brand's logo.
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In the Captcha, landing page and consumer alert section:

  1. Upload a landing page banner.
  2. Upload a Captcha banner.
  3. Input the desired Captcha page message.
  4. Input the desired Captcha submit button text.
  5. Input the desired Consumer notice message.
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This section will only apply to our SMS and Walled Garden feature - not the actual wallet.

In the Wallet login settings:

  1. Input a custom text message to prompt email or phone login.
  2. Input a custom text message for customers to access their rewards and discounts.
  3. Input a custom text message to communicate your brand's rewards program.
  4. Input a custom text message for the submit button.
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This is seen on the Wallet login page not the wallet itself!

In the Wallet app settings:

  1. If your business has multiple locations, you can give users the power to change their favorite store by toggling the first button to Yes.
  2. Toggle the Hide Points button on to hide point balances.
  3. Toggle the Disable connect tab button on to hide the "Connect with us" tab in the customer's wallet.
  4. Toggle the Disable referal a friend to Hide the Refer A Friend tab in the wallet.
  5. Toggle the Hide button icons to hide specific icons in Directions/ Call/ Shop buttons.
  6. Toggle the Hide directions button to hide the directions button.
  7. Toggle the Hide call button to hide the call button.
  8. Toggle the Hide shop button to hide the shop button.
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In the Discount settings section:

  1. Toggle the first button to Yes to ensure only budtenders are able to redeem customers' points.
  2. Input new text to change the messaging for the Redeem in-store button.
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For advanced customization, replace default icons with your own icons in the Icons section.

  1. Click each icon to change the icon graphic.
  2. Upload your own SVG file.
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Use the Basic style / colors sections to customize the look and feel of your brand's wallet.

Colors must be inputted as hexcodes. If you do not know what your brand's hex codes are, use Image Color Picker or another tool to retrieve the hex codes.

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Use the CSS section to input custom UI designs.

  1. Select all external fonts that will be used in the custom code.
  2. Input your custom CSS.
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Use the Signup page settings to add an address.

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You've completed all the settings of the wallet experience! Time to share the wallet so customers know where to check for points and rewards.

How to share the wallet

Store information such as Address, Phone Numer and Shop Menu are populated from

Customers access their wallets via a unique url. This can be seen under Configure Alpine IQ > Sign up forms > Share this page

The 3 main ways to get your customers to remember their wallet are:

  1. Using the Wallet URL or embedding our iFrame somewhere on your website for them to login to
  2. Printing out physical QR codes and displaying them around the store
  3. Include the {{walletURL}} macro on campaigns to remind customers where to go

Keep in mind that customers will want to come into the store to show their discounts via the wallet.

Discount FAQ's

What if a customer doesn't have their Alpine IQ wallet on their phone?

3 ways to access the wallet:

  • Pull up the customer's wallet for them using the budtender view
  • If using the web-wallet, you can send the customer a link via the Wallet login URL or the Wallet login QR code which is found in your Alpine IQ dashboard via Configure Alpine IQ > Sign up forms > Share this page
  • If using the Native App, send them a link to your Native App in the Apple or Google Play stores

How do I customize the wallet?

All the customization options for the Web-app wallet are under Configure Alpine IQ > Brand settings. See more details about these settings here: [link to Quick Start Guide - Brand settings]

All the customization options for the Native App are under Configure Alpine IQ > Native app settings. See more details about the Native App here: [link to Native App docu]

I don't want customers to be able to redeem discounts on their phone

To disable the ability for customers to redeem discounts on their phone:

  • Go to Configure Alpine IQ
  • Click Brand settings
  • Click Discount settings
  • Toggle Do not allow customers to redeem via their phone to No

Enabling this feature means the budtenders will be required to redeem all discounts for the customers and may lead to longer checkout times

Updated 28 Mar 2022
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