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What & How The Refer A Friend Technology Works

The refer a friend program was designed to boost customer retention and drive new customer acquisition. Businesses that implement refer a friend programs drive more referrals, which make up between 20 - 50 % of most purchasing decisions.

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How To Setup A Refer A Friend Campaign

1) Under Marketing, found within the left-side navigation, click Campaigns.

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2) Click the green Create New Campaign button.

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3) Input the campaign name.

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4) Click View Configured Messages

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5) Input your Refer A Friend messaging and bring your narrative to life with custom macros.

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We recommend using the following messaging:

Hey {{firstName}}, Did you hear about our refer a friend program? Send this link to your friends:{{referFriendURL}}. The more friends you refer, the more free points you receive!

Note: Each customer has their own unique refer a friend URL in their wallet.

6) Send your refer a friend campaign annoucement to all opted-in users by selected All Tracked Users in the audience tab with the campaign builder.

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7) For more details, view the video at the top of the page.

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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