Quick Start - Recipes

With the new Quick Start tab, you will find easy-to-use, pre-built 'Recipes' that allow your team access to our highest-performing campaigns.

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Where can I find Recipes?

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What's included in the Recipes?

We are continuously growing our recipe book. Right now, we have the following recipes available for you to use:

  • Refer a Friend Program
  • Abandoned Cart Campaign
  • Customer Review Campaign
  • Customer Lifecycle Management Campaigns
  • Welcome new club member campaigns
  • Lottery Campaigns
  • Birthday Campaigns
  • New app announcement
  • Budtender Review
  • Double Point Days

What do they include? Each recipe includes an SMS campaign, email campaign, push notification, discount/gifted points, and the correlating audience. These recipes are customizable to fit your brand.

How to Setup a Recipe?

  • Head to the Quick Start tab
  • Find the recipe/ recipes you would like to use and select "More Details"
  • The recipe module will popup with more details and instructions
  • First, click the "Install" button on the right side of the module
  • Read the recipe instructions for any additional steps needed to set up the recipe
  • Head to the Campaigns tab and find the recipe campaigns.
  • Go through each campaign, and marketing channels in Waterfall to update branding and set waterfall priority.

Please make sure you go through each campaign setup in Waterfall to update your branding. If you send out as is, the temporary logo template will send out as is.

  • Make sure the delivery is scheduled correctly for your brand.
  • Select Publish campaign and set to live.

Updated 31 Mar 2022
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