Post order messages

What does this feature do? 

Enabling the post order message feature gives you the power to trigger an automated message every time a customer makes a purchase

How do I set up post order messages?

1. Go to Marketing in the left-hand navigation

2. Click Campaigns 

3. Click Create a new campaign 

4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Advanced Settings drop down menu

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5. On the right is the option to turn on the post order messages

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What are some good ways to use this feature?

  • When you first open, send a note to every customer thanking them for their support.
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  • Send a message to  “Top 20% Spenders” and include a link to your Google Reviews page so every time they make a purchase, they’ll be prompted to leave a review as well
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Anything else I should know? 

  • When the post order feature is enabled, you’ll see a “Post order” tag next to your Campaign name on your CAMPAIGNS page. This was created so that you can quickly identify the number of post-order campaigns you have going. Best practices are not to have two of these campaigns running unless they are targeted to different audiences. If not, your customers would get multiple messages for this action.
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  • There is also a per order message option under SMS defaults and when this feature is on, it will send to all customers that are opted in. This new feature gives you the power to narrow down that audience by being able to turn it on at the campaign level.