Personas Questions

How do I merge accounts?

  • Alpine IQ's system automatically merges accounts when it finds a matching:
    • Governemnt ID
    • Medical/Patient ID
    • Phone number
    • Email
  • In instances of duplicate accounts that don't have any of the above matchig PII's, you have the ability to manually merge accounts
    • Go to your Personas in the left hand navigation
    • Click View
    • Next to the Alpine IQ universal ID, click Merge?
    • Copy and paste the incorrect persona ID into the field that appears below and click Merge Now!

Userflow of how to manually merge accounts:

Miro embed

How do I remove a customer and/or opt them out of messaging?

  • Log in to your Alpine IQ account
  • In the left hand navigation bar, scroll down to User Data / Privacy
  • Go to the link provided

If you'd like your customers to have the ability to change their own data preferences, add this URL to your website

  • Click Change data preferences
  • Enter the customer's phone number and/or email and select delete data or opt out

User flow to manually delete and/or opt out personas: