Native App specifications

The following page lists out the minimum product specifications for the Alpine IQ native app. Additional functionality will be introduced throughout the product/ services lifetime.

Other than App store branding settings, all other design changes take affect immedietly within your production app (not taking into account device level caches that Alpine IQ does not have control over). If you would like to edit the style of your app and preview it before it is live, you must configure a test user within your app store developer accounts. Please contact us for more assistance.

Design abilities

  • App store branding You may change your: app name, subtitle, description, keywords, app icon, team ID, Apple and Google Play preview images.
  • Documents and policies You may change your: email for pin verifications, EULA url, terms url, privacy policy url, consent text that appears upon login/ signup.
  • General branding You may change your: header avatar logo, cover photo, splash page loading image, initial loading screen image, icon colors, main background color.
  • Toggle pages/ sections/ items You can: hide the discount open button, hide shop menu item, hide messages menu item, hide social page menu item, hide refer a friend links, hide points, hide favorite store address, hide the get directions button, hide the call store button, modify whether users can change their favorite store in the app.
  • Typography You can: change the section title color, font weight, font size. Change h2 sub title color, font weight, font size. Change the Help/ FAQ collapsable titles color, border color, font weight, and font size. Change the caption text font weight and font size. Change the error text color, border color, font weight, font size. Change the refer-a-friend box/ link color. Change regular link color. Change button text color, font weight, and font size.
  • Online shopping Change the default url that is webviewed into the app. You can also assign custom URL's that automatically are shown to users based on their favorite store on record. This points customers to menus specific to the store they are known to engage with. Please keep in mind that the shop abilities are not available on Android phones per Google Play's current policies.
  • Buttons and switch styles You can change the color, border color, border radius for the main button, danger button, and ghost button types. You can change the refer-a-friend box/ link box padding, box border radius. You can change the switch input color style.
  • Inputs and progress bars You can change the border color, border width, vertical padding, and horizontal padding of inputs.

General functionality

Please note that the Native App requires a connection to the internet in order to fully function.

  • Users are prompted to optin to push notifications
  • Users are prompted to optin to sharing their location (Apps cannot show the shop menu tab if location sharing is not permitted by the user.)
  • Users can receive push notifications via the Alpine IQ campaign messaging platform
  • Users can login, signup, logout
  • Users can view points, discounts/ offers that apply to their persona, access temporary pin code(s) that allow them to redeem discounts, update and review partial pieces of their contact information, submit support tickets and upload images of receipts (please note that this functionality requires a premium Alpine IQ support package), obtain a refer-a-friend link, view social/ external channels they can connect or review your brand on, access a history feed of messages which includes (Text, Native App Push Notifications, and Browser Push Notifications)
  • Users optionally can see store specific buttons to call or get directions which will direct them to their native phones default apps for calling or mapping.
  • Retailers have the ability to turn off whether users are prompted to optin to SMS/ Text messaging post signing up within the native app.