Campaign Questions

How does a customer that opted out opt back into to SMS messaging?

Occasionally, customers will unsubscribe from SMS messages but dont you fret, not all is lost. See below for how your customers can opt back in to SMS messages

In the Alpine IQ dashboard, head to Configure Alpine IQ > Signup forms > Share this page and scroll down to the Wallet login URL.

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Both of the above will bring you to a form to input your phone numer or email address that will prompt

Abandoned Cart Campaigns

What are abandoned cart campaigns?

An Abandoned Cart Campaign is a strategic initiative to win back customers who exited the buying process before or during checkout. Online visitors build their carts with items that interest them but lose motivation to confirm the purchase. 

Why abandoned cart campaigns are crucial:

When businesses send out Abandoned Cart Campaigns, they have an opportunity to rectify their rhetoric and convince prospective customers that their decision to purchase will be worth the cost. Businesses lose thousands (if not millions) of dollars a year because they don’t recover lost revenue. If a business does not try to win the trust of customers who aren’t convinced, they risk the chance of losing prospective repeat customers who are essentially the backbone of a company’s revenue strategy. 

Through our partnerships with Jane and Dutchie, you now can recover 15% or more of your abandoned carts on average with automated messaging campaigns.

Read below to learn how to set up the integrations on either Jane or Dutchie, as well as how to set up Abandoned Cart Campaigns.

Setting up the integration to trigger an abandoned cart campaign:

1. Go to Connect data in the left-hand navigation

2. Click Data Destinations

3. Scroll down to the Dutchie or Jane integration and click Connect

4. Upload your Dutchie or Jane API keys & StoreIDs popup fields shown below.

  • Please note that Dutchie does not require you to input a key because you must first connect Alpine IQ to Dutchie via their dashboard.
  • Jane requires that you input your Jane API key here
  • *For Shopify you only need to toggle abandoned carts to the "Checked" position under your integration settings and you need to make sure your key has the read_orders scope granted in Shopify. (
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Where do I get store ID's and what happens if I don't put anything in?

- Jane: Type in the Jane store name exactly as it appears in your admin panel. Leaving StoreIDs blank will make it so all stores connected via Jane will be eligible to trigger abandoned carts. Adding StoreID's will restrict abandoned carts to specific stores.

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6. Click Connect 

8. If using Dutchie, under Settings > Integration > Alpine IQ > Settings, enable Send Abandoned Cart Data toggle

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7.  Your Jane or Dutchie integration as a data destination is complete. Please proceed to creating abandoned cart campaigns below.

Creating Abandoned Cart Campaigns

1. Go to Marketing in the left-hand navigation

2. Click Campaigns  3. Click Create a new campaign

Campaign settings:

You can use any messaging channel and restrict abandoned cart messages to only be triggered to selected audiences. You MUST use either an ongoing campaign schedule or a Start-End time window schedule for abandoned carts to work properly! Users will receive an abandoned cart only if they have not already received an abandoned cart message within the last 24 hours, even if they abandon a new cart. This is to prevent spamming a customer. Both the message that gets sent in the SMS and the message the consumer lands at can be customized, as well as the image that is sent to the consumer. A best practice is to not use any cannabis-related wording in the SMS message.

4.  Scroll to the bottom of the create campaign page and open up the Advanced Settings drop-down. 5. On the right side turn on the abandoned cart feature toggle 

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Abdoned Cart FAQs

  • Abandoned cart messages will be sent to a consumer as soon as a cart is sent to Alpine IQ (which, for Dutchie, is after 2 hours of inactivity with a cart). Messages will only be sent to current members of the dispensary’s loyalty program.
  • Abandoned cart analytics can be viewed in the “Performance” section, as well as in Campaign Reports left navigation menu item within the Alpine IQ dashboard.

Content Tips for Abandoned Carts

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Creating an abandoned cart campaign can either create conversions or drive customers further away. To increase your business’ chances of winning back lost revenue, follow these tips:

  • Craft a compelling subject line. How many emails do you ignore on a daily basis? One? Ten? More than 97%? Gaining the attention of a customer is an art and a science. If the subject line of your message isn’t persuasive, the contents of your Abandoned Cart Campaign is useless.
    • A few examples of compelling subject lines:
      • Hey {{firstname}}, forget something? Here's [Percentage] off.
      • Still thinking it over, {{FirstName}}?
      • 👀You forgot something in your cart 🛒
      • Treat Yo Self With This Special Discount
      • A Special Discount Just For You!
      • Yes! You Can Have It All! (Discount Inside)
  • Personalize your campaign messaging with the customer’s name. 80% of online shoppers are inclined to purchase from a brand if it delivers personalized marketing experiences. No one enjoys feeling like a number. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.
  • Provide Your Customers With Discounts Since the top reason behind cart abandonment is unexpected costs and delivery fees, we recommend offering a discount on your abandoned cart recovery message. This means most lost sales have a high chance of getting converted with the first text message less than half an hour after the cart is abandoned.
  • Have a clear call to action (CTA). Make sure your value proposition is clear. If your business is promoting a specialty item that’s seasonal, highlight limited supply - encourage the customer to buy before the product is no longer available. Incorporate words such as “limited supply” and “try it before everyone else” will inspire urgency. 
  • Focus on your message. Abandoned cart emails that push other products and services unrelated to the customer’s previous shopping experience will deter customers from converting. You want to keep your customers focused on their one purpose: the abandoned cart.

Warnings about creatig multiple campaigns:

There is always a danger of someone on your team creating multiple campaigns that trigger abandoned carts to same user. Meaning everytime they abandoned a cart, they get more than 1 message.

On your main CAMPAIGNS list page, an abandoned cart tag will be next to the campaign name. This was created so that you can quickly identify the number of abandoned cart campaigns you have going. Best practices are not to have two abandoned cart campaigns running unless they are targeted to different audiences. If not, your customers would get multiple messages for this action.

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