Brands Platform Settings

Set up your collectibles landing pages, upload participating retailers, and add products.

Brand / Manufacturer

Input information for collectibles, brand links, and recommended products

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  • Custom product landing page: after a customer scans a QR code on your product, this is the URL where they'll be redirected to
  • Collectible product's points: this is how many points you want a customer to accrue for every product they scan/purchase
  • Recommended products for collectibles: After a customer scans a product, you can upload three product and product URls that you recommend the customer also look at
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Brand stores

Upload the stores that sell your products

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Click Add location to see a list of stores already part of the Alpine IQ ecosystem and select those stores where you sell your products

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If you don't see a store listed, click Add Manually and enter the store's information

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Bulk add stores by uploading a CSV of all the stores where you sell your products. A sample file is available when you click Bulk Add

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After you upload your CSV, click Upload Locations and a popup will appear to select existing, matching Alpine IQ retailers or you can enable Address Matching which takes the address in the CSV file and matches it to existing retailers already in Alpine IQ. If using Address Matching, be sure to leave the browser open until the upload is complete. 

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My Products

Upload the products that you sell. Note that Alpine IQ has integrations in place with Apex Trading & LeafLink that can automate this process. For information on how to integrate those systems, see the ERP integration guides for more details.

Upload products and batch information individually using the Add Product button or upload a list of products using the Bulk Add button. If adding products individually, a Sample File is with the necessary columns is available

After you add the products, click on the + sign under Product Batches and you'll see an option on the right to Generate New QR Codes or Download QR codes.

For additional information on how to use collectibles, see How Collectibles Work.

Updated 19 May 2022
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