Audiences Questions

How do I create custom audiences?

If you want to create veteran, employee, influencer, or any other custom audiences that aren't based on transactional data, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Personas -> View and scroll down to the Custom Tags field
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  • Add in the tag or group name you want to use and click submit
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  • Go to Audiences and click Create Audience in the top left corner
  • Build your audience using the following traits:
  • Custom brand traits + Dashboard + contains + [name of custom audience]
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  • Click Save Audience and you're done!

Moving forward, anytime you want to add an individual to that audience, simply repeat the process above and they'll be added to the audience

If you have an existing audience list you want to import to Alpine IQ:

Compile those contacts into a CSV including all of their contact information as well as a "Custom Tag" column with the name of the audience you want to creat in Alpine IQ. Send this CSV to your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager and they will upload it for you.

How do I create double points audiences?

Let's say you want to start a Two for Tuesday initiative where customers get double points for purchases on a specific day. Follow the steps below to set it up:

  • Go to the Audiences page and click Create Audience
  • Create the audience using the traits below:
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  • To the left of the audience builder is the Points modifiers section. Enter 2 in the Multiplier field and select the time frame you want the Multiplier to be in effect
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If you don't set a time frame, your loyalty members will accrue points at the rate you set indefinitely

  • You can backdate multipliers if you want to apply a multiplier to transactions in the past
  • The boost will only apply to contacts who's last sale occured between the start and end date

  • Save Audience and you're done!